Hungry, hungry…Faith?

I’ve felt compelled to share this post because of the constant state of fear that I see around me. I find it to be disturbing, disheartening, and heartbreaking. But most of all, I find it to be infectious. I find it invading my personal life and my perspective just by simply being a witness to... Continue Reading →

Did DJ Pauly D miss the mark?

Romans is a great book of the Bible. It is full of knowledge and sound logical interpretation of the gospel. Not only was Paul a good writer, it was clear the guy was very smart.    In the book of Romans 13 the first seven verses talk about submission to our governing authorities. In today's... Continue Reading →

Don’t Shoplift the Pootie

Stealing is something I think we can all agree is frowned upon. The definition of the word means to take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it. When we think about stealing we often associate it with robberies from a business such as a bank or even a convenience... Continue Reading →

In the World, But Not of It

One of the most widely quoted phrases from Biblical scripture is to be in the world, but not to be of the world. The great evangelist, Billy Graham, has a famous message on this Biblical concept. There is even an apparel company entirely based on this phrase, Not of This World.  The concept or phrase... Continue Reading →

What does my policy even cover?

My day job, if you will, is an insurance adjuster. The majority of the work I handle is related to property damage. As an adjuster, I have many difficult conversations with property owners where I have to deliver bad news. This bad news is often regarding the denial or partial denial of a property damage... Continue Reading →

Sloth & Sacrifice

Never forget the sacrifice of those who came before you. As children much of the success we achieve in our lives can be attributed to the prior sacrifice of time, sweat, and finances from those who came before us. We are children of parents, grandparents, cities, counties, states, and nations. The foundation was laid in... Continue Reading →

Living in Sin

I don't need no license To sign on no line And I don't need no preacher To tell me you're mine I don't need no diamonds I don't need no new bride I just need you, baby To look me in the eye I know they have a hard time And your Daddy don't approve... Continue Reading →

To Serve or Not to Serve, Tis the Question

Well this is an easy answer. Christians should serve others! However, there is a caveat to this act of service. The service cannot come before faith. Faith without service is weak, but service before faith is wrong. As Christians, I believe the impetus for service to others is of paramount importance. In reading the Bible, we... Continue Reading →

Put Some Respeck On It!

Stop disrespecting God with your prayers. There I said it! For many of us, our prayers can be half-hearted and insincere. These are prayers of mediocrity. These are prayers I daily challenge myself to quit praying. This post, however, is not directed at these prayers. This post is about praying prayers that God cannot answer.... Continue Reading →


So many of us live in the shame and regret of our past. We were not called to this shame. We were not called to live in the darkness of the past. We were called forward into God's glorious light. Leave the past where it the past! "But you are a chosen race, a... Continue Reading →

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